Hope’s Generosity

Flowing into Worship, Community,
and Our City

Hope Overflowing

In 2002, Hope began with the vision to be a church of “real people looking to the real Jesus for real change.” Over the past 21 years, God has shaped us into a community where that ideal is embodied far beyond what we could have imagined. God has graciously continued to grow us as a community of people who are real with one another – real about our fears, our dreams, our failures, and our need for a redeemer. Every Sunday morning, the person and work of Jesus is preached with vulnerability and honesty. God has used these two elements– Gospel Community and Gospel Preaching– to change people in remarkable ways.

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Hear from our some of our members on how they have been impacted by the community at Hope. Thanks to your generosity, we’ve been able to and hope to continue to be a church of real people looking to the real Jesus for real change.

Matt and Emily Hultquist
Elizabeth Super
Brian and Shannon Joseph
Dalton Malaby
Christy Braman
Brad and Theresa Lewis
Ian and Carmen Rae Huang
Chris and Hallie Lyon
Michael and Lauren Phipps